Catanzaro, inauguration of the exhibition “Max Marra. Bodies of Matter and Sky”


By John

Last March 16, in the spaces of the Catanzaro branch of Banca Montepaone, the personal exhibition “Max Marra. Bodies of Matter and Sky” was inaugurated, curated by the critic Teodolinda Coltellaro, open until May 31, 2024. The opening evening was greeted by great success with the public who appreciated the Maestro's creative work paolano through the exhibition selection of the works offered for viewing. The event was introduced by the President of the Banca Montepaone Foundation, Dr. Giovanni Caridi, who analyzed the path carried out so far within the “Art Cube- Space for Culture” project, underlining the quality of what was proposed and the goodness of the idea that is being developed, that is, bringing artists and their works into everyday life of places the work, offering a wider and more varied public of users the possibility of approaching contemporary art beyond the spaces commonly used for this function. The critic Teodolinda Coltellaro offered an engaging narrative of the exhibition which, in addition to analyzing the linguistic substance of the works, offered through them a reading that always refers to an underlying ethical motivation. You also reiterated the importance of the essential values ​​of memory by stating how “in the silence of things the artist captures the profound song of matter which, from builder of harmonytransforms, shapes, sublimates poetic objects. His works smack of sculpture and painting without being so, they echo conceptual, informal-material paths, they evoke paths of a poor art that delves into the emotions, of others and of one's own, an art that heals the wounds of everyday life”.

The artist Max Marra, in his speech, after recalling that “the work is the gravity of matter, it is a sensitive body that refers to the essential values ​​of existence”, he explained that he still fights with matter today. “Matter is a body and we are surrounded by bodies that suffer, today more than yesterday. The artist must be transmitter of values, human values. The stitched wound is a human value. We must be able to alleviate the wounds of others through the poetry of art. Precisely for this reason what we do is not easy. But penance is never too much to dream of heaven and its purity.”