Third state megalotto 106, the protest of 28 workers transferred from Villapiana to Frosinone


By John

Third state megalot 106, “wrong” analyzes by a subcontractor company, 28 workers fired from the Ionian construction site and officially transferred to the company's headquarters which is located in Frosinone.

Yesterday the protest with banners, placards and flags in the hands of 28 family fathers who lost their jobs and who in the rain, accompanied by the unions, made their voices of dissent heard. From what has been learned, the entanglement between Anas and the General Contractor of the Webuild Sirjo Scpa work on the one hand, and Geoserving Srl of Frosinone which is responsible for carrying out structural analyzes on the other, occurred due to a control Anas' sample of the “samples” carried out by the Lazio company in the Roseto Capo Spulico tunnel, and the results of this inspection appear to be completely different from those communicated by Geoserving to Anas and Webuild Sirjo Scpa.

Going into the merits of the matter, these are analyzes that allow us to understand the quality of the land and the infrastructure built. An essential fact, certainly not of secondary importance, because it guarantees the safety of the work itself and does not allow for any errors. As the fiduciary relationship between Geoserving and Anas and therefore Webuild Sirjo Scpa no longer exists, the latter has decided, as required by the contract, to immediately terminate the same.

The CGIL, which yesterday morning organized the sit-in at the Scalo base camp, where the Webuild Sirjo Scpa headquarters is located, is not in favor of it. And he writes. “Another 28 jobs in Calabria at risk of dismissal. This is the dramatic situation taking place at the construction site of the Ss 106 being built by Sirjo Webuild. Following unclear circumstances of conflict between the latter and Anas, in fact, The employees of the Geoserving company of Frosinone are the ones who pay the price. From the beginning, the workers have carried out the laboratory control service of the concrete cubes and tunnel stalls under contract with the Lazio company. In recent days it has been suddenly sent away by Webuild for reasons to be clarified. Unfortunately, the result was the arrival of a new company, Socotec of Milan, which without workers was at its headquarters in Villapiana yesterday morning but was unable to start working as it should. Beyond the they give the mockery. The territorial Filcams CGIL and the CGIL Pollino-Sibaritide-Tirreno are at the side of the workers and will leave nothing to chance in the defense of jobs. Rights are not tendered. We hope for a table between the parties in the next few days to find a dignified solution to this incredible affair. It is not at all conceivable that on the largest construction site in Italy there will be de facto layoffs in such a sudden manner”, ends the note signed by CGIL managers Andrea Ferrone and Giuseppe Guido.