Catanzaro, negotiations winding down for the Giunta reshuffle. The agreement with Donato could fade


By John

The mayor could already dissolve the reserve today Nicholas Fiorita communicating the new structure of the Giunta. The resignation of Nino Cosentino, after those of Venturino Lazarus, seem to have accelerated the reshuffle that had already been in full swing for days. Already in Monday’s session of the City Council, after Fiorita had announced that the Giunta “must be considered null and void”, it had emerged that the panorama of agreements was now taking shape. In part it already was, after the enlargement of the majority that took place last month, which had given the “la” to the official launch of the executive remodeling. But Valerio Donato’s words had also resounded in the courtroom, when he had argued for the opportunity to work to prevent these five years in office from being wasted. To everyone it sounded like an obvious opening, even if it didn’t spare criticism of the administration’s activity. Words joined by the countermelody of Fiorita himself, who had wanted to capture precisely that opening.
However, according to some sources from Palazzo De Nobili, the negotiations which, in any case, had been underway for some time with the Donato area and which should have brought the former city councilor to the Giunta (to Sport) Robert Guerriero, would have vanished just yesterday morning. A situation that remains evolving: if the scenario does not change and the Donato-Guerriero area remains outside, the executive doors could be opened for the group leader Nuncio Belcaro (Windchanger).
To leave the Council for the seats of Giunta would also be George Arcuri (towards the Environment), which would strengthen the presence of the area headed by Antonello Talerico together with the lawyer Giusy Pino (always attentive to social issues and also close to the councilor Lostumbo Rosary); thus the Talerico group would count on three councilors: in addition to the two new entries, the confirmed one Antonio Borelli.