Catanzaro, pedestrian area starting from May. A section of the Corso is always closed


By John

If we were in a writing by maestro Andrea Camilleri, the chronicle of yesterday’s City Council meeting could be summed up with a laconic – and today, perhaps, considered sexist – “lost nut and girly daughter”. Yes, because, net of the extensive discussion started by the city councilors on two of the seven points on the agenda, there were few acts with a direct and immediate impact on the daily lives of citizens.

It is true, however, that the concreteness of administrative action is also measured with political acts and with the adoption of “rules of engagement”, tools capable of guiding management choices. Thus, yesterday we discussed above all issues related to these areas.

The minority’s motion on the permanent pedestrian area in the stretch between the Chamber of Commerce building and the Police Headquarters was also superseded by the facts, which was aimed at preventing its activation if in the absence of measures aimed at guaranteeing its full functionality (commercial plans, roads and parking): lthe administration’s decision to postpone the start of the permanent pedestrian area for seven months, determined precisely by the need to activate at least a sustainable mobility plan and a parking plan, had anticipated the content of the motion. No changes, therefore: the area will be pedestrianized from May 1st.