Catanzaro, permanent pedestrian area. Possible “start” from May 2024


By John

Permanent pedestrian area starting next May 1st? This is the possible date for the start of the pedestrianization of the stretch of Corso Mazzini between Piazza Grimaldi and Piazza Santa Caterina. It emerged during the last meeting, yesterday at Palazzo De Nobili, among a delegation of Merchants whose activities fall precisely in that section (together with delegates from Confesercenti and Confcommercio) and the mayor Nicola Fiorita; the city councilors also attended the meeting Daniela Palaia and Gregorio Buccolieri.

The path seems clear and the intentions, according to the post-meeting mood, also seem to be unanimous. Indeed, there is a strong belief among traders that this is the right path. Provided, however, that certain conditions are met. It had already emerged in the previous meeting that the permanent pedestrian area would need some preparatory interventions to become reality; then the mayor asked the traders to indicate their requests. Yesterday, therefore, the delegation delivered a sort of handbook with the conditions deemed necessary to be able to proceed with this step. These are fundamental elements, which at least for the most part must have been implemented by that date. They range from regulatory aspects to concrete interventions. Among the first, changes to the regulations for dehors and hygiene so as to ensure that businesses can enjoy more streamlined procedures, also to be able to open new businesses more easily; but also an adequate road plan.