ABAcadabra, the Academy of Catanzaro and the Archaeological Museum of Sibari together for the “magic of art and archaeology”


By John

The artistic “contamination” activity of the Calabrian territory of the Academy of Fine Arts of Catanzaro does not stop: the substantial file of important collaborations already carried out in Calabria is thus enriched by the page dedicated to the National Archaeological Park of Sibari thanks to the project “ABAcadabra – The magic of art and archaeology”. The initiative is part of the activities designed to enhance the Park, strongly supported by the Director Filippo Demma and coordinated by the conservator-restorer official Camilla Brivio, one of the extraordinary Calabrian archaeological realities. ABAcadrabra is curated by the Department of Visual Arts of the Catanzaro Academy.

The initiative comes at the end of the mandate of the director of the Academy, Virgilio Piccari, who just a few days ago was reconfirmed in the role by the ABA teachers: «I am honored – he said – to conclude my first mandate with the synergy with the director Demma and Dr. Brivio. I am linked to them by a relationship of great human and professional esteem, as well as gratitude for the opportunities given to our students. Opportunities that we enthusiastically want to continue to build and offer in the next few years of my mandate: many new projects are in the pipeline because the Academy is alive, or rather, as I always say, “The Academy is life!”».

ABAcadabra involves teachers Simona Caramia, Cristina Gavello, Giuseppe Negro, Giuseppe Guerrisi, Andrea Grosso Ciponte And Claudia Giannuli, who accompanied a group of students from the Schools of Painting, Sculpture, Decoration and Illustration who were entrusted with the task of reinterpreting, giving new life and shape, dozens of archaeological wooden boxes, the containers used for storage and archiving of finds, now abandoned, which will be transformed into a site-specific artistic intervention that will find space in the Parco del Cavallo and in the spaces inside the Museum.
The students involved are Andrea Corsello, Giada Pugliese, Marica Corrado, Marika Fodaro, Martina Napolitano, Rosy Piscionieri, Eva Fruci, Luca Granato, Ilaria Notaro, Francesca Delle Donne, Fiammetta Ornella Silipo, Leopoldo Maggiorini, Dennis Gonzales, Gaia Sarcone, Giovambattista Barberio, Lorenzo Colelli, Bruno Carvelli And Alessia Grandinetti.
Together with them, also students from some secondary high schools in the region, such as the artistic high schools of Cittanova and Rossano.

The archaeological boxes were also used to create 16 designer seats that will be placed inside the Museum. They were designed by Graphic Design students Micaela Mele, Lorenzo Caporale, Michelangelo De Vita, Pietro Paonessa, Paola Purcaro, Erica Marrazzo, Rosa Pulerà and Alessia Agresta, coordinated by the teachers Tommaso Palaia And Tania Bellini.
Finally, teachers Bellini, Guerrisi and Palaia are working on the creation of an interior design line which will be set up and presented at the Park in a few weeks.

The official presentation of the works will be held on October 9th.