Catanzaro, the actress Sara Tafuri died at the age of 67: she had acted with Fellini


By John

The actress from Catanzaro has died at the age of 67 Sara Tafuriwho had starred, among other things, in 1980, with Federico Fellini in «The city of women». The following year she was one of the performers in «Three Brothers», by Francesco Rosi, awarded the David di Donatello. In June 1986 Sara Tafuri was involved in a car accident in Catanzaro, as a result of which she was forced to retire from her artistic activity.

The mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fiorita, in a note, remembers her by underlining the fact that «fate was truly cruel to Sara Tafuri. She was beautiful, talented, full of life, destined for a great career in the world of entertainment. A beautiful family of her her. his father was a famous pastry chef in the historic center. A vocation for acting cultivated since childhood. Fellini had wanted her in 'The City of Women,' even though her most intense role was that of 'Bebawì, in the television film of the same name. Her dream was broken by a terrible accident. She faced the long years of illness and impairment with exemplary courage.”

«We – says Mayor Fiorita – will try to keep his memory alive. I will ask the director of the Magna Graecia Film Festival, Gianvito Casadonteto screen 'Bebawi' on the occasion of the next edition of the event and to award a prize, named after Sara, to the most promising young actress.”