Single application, 22 million euros arriving for Calabrian farmers


By John

More than 22 million euros in liquidation in favor of over 34,000 agricultural companies, as a Single Application for the 2023 year. The confirmation comes from the regional agriculture department.

“This is – explains councilor Gianluca Gallo – an important breath of fresh air for Calabrian agricultural entrepreneurs who, despite the economic difficulties of the moment, carry on with great willpower and resilience their activities and their projects. The Region supports this work, which is fundamental for the primary sector of the regional economy, guaranteeing certainties and essential resources”.

Specifically, with decree no. 6 of the Feaga fund, the paying agency Arcea has started the liquidation procedures for the 2023 campaign of the Single Application (titles) and coupled aid and eco-schemes, linked to measures aimed at promoting the reduction of antimicrobial resistance and animal welfare; the grassing of tree crops; the protection of olive trees of particular landscape value; extensive forage systems with rotation; specific interventions for pollinators.

All for a value of 22,275,546.29 euros, in favor of 34,329 beneficiaries.