Catanzaro, the first proposals for Parco Romani arrive


By John

Parco Romani, the structure that did not have a past but could still have a future. Almost a slogan, but in reality the fate of the mega abandoned building on the outskirts of the historic center, in the Sala district, is starting to enter into a city debate which until now has left the topic in a drawer only slightly ajar. If in fact there is no risk that Parco Romani will go unnoticed, the risk that it will be “put aside” is more concrete and has been for several years. The journey of Southern Gazette inside the building surrounded by decay led to the collection of some appeals and proposals. If on the one hand the city councilor Gianni Costa – who is among the small investors who bought unused premises for commercial use almost twenty years ago – reiterated the need to urgently find a solution that leads to the recovery of the structure, since the day before yesterday the architect intervened in the debate Giuseppe Macrìformer president of the provincial Order and expert in development policies.
In the opinion of the professional, Parco Romani should be considered in the urban planning context of the capital, therefore included in a planning model which already in 2016 was directed by the City Council towards zero land consumption. In his opinion, the Municipality should take action through an expropriation procedure for public utility which brings the property into the public heritage.