The Hebridean islands are looking for doctors and teachers, with fabulous salaries


By John

The islands of Uist and Benbecula, in Scotland's Hebridean archipelago, offer dream salaries to attract new GPs and teachers. L'NHS Western Islesthe Scottish health service, is willing to pay 150 thousand pounds a year (around 175 thousand euros) to the doctors who will move to these remote and beautiful islands.

For teachershowever, the salary is 68 thousand pounds (around 79 thousand euros) for five primary school pupils and two kindergarten children. The island of Rum, in particular, is looking for teachers for its primary school.

“It's not a job for everyone”, said Gordon Jamieson, chief executive of NHS Western Isles. It's useful “spirit of adventure and passion for rural medicine”. Doctors who choose the Hebrides will work in a group of six islands with a population of 4,700 people.

The NHS is banking on the charm of these pristine places and high salaries to attract new professionals and improve the quality of life on the islands. The Isle of Rum Community Trust hopes the offer will also entice young families to move in, creating a more vibrant and robust community.