Catanzaro, the party for the world champion European champion Edoardo Alfieri begins


By John

The Asd Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido, the sports association founded on the seashore back in 1976 dedicated to the Madonna of Porto Salvo, is preparing to celebrate its super European race walking champion Edoardo Alfieri. He is the only master athlete who has won 3 gold medals with individual titles in the mt. 3000 and mt. 5000 race walk at the European Indoor Championships in Torun in Poland and in teams in the mt. 5000 leading a trio of athletes where he had to work well with his technical evolutions for the final triumph as then happened. It is superlative to point out that he is the only Italian and European championship athlete to win 3 European titles.
Its president and coach, prof., is very satisfied. Santo Mineo: “We started this sporting season with excellent results achieved by our Edoardo Alfieri, the leading athlete of our Association, the Asd Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido. A silver at the Italian indoor championships in Ancona on 3000 meters could represent an athlete in difficulty but the work carried out by the athlete with commitment, perseverance, spirit of self-sacrifice and continuous sacrifice must have been the prelude to excellent results which then came precisely in this Polish week, from 17 to 23 March, where he demonstrated great maturity especially in the two short distances of 3000m and 5000m of walking. As we know, the athlete has an excellent track record over distances which has always favored the 10km, 20km and 35km of the heel and toe speciality. Today he is a super athlete who dominates unchallenged all the distances of the race and this fills us with joy. Our entire Association, from the Board of Directors to the athletes, are satisfied. His presence represents a lot for the young athletes and many would like to emulate him and he is always ready to give lots of advice for the future of the younger generations”.

Also the President of Fidal Calabria, prof. Vincenzo Cairais very satisfied with the results achieved by the various Calabrian athletes in the various Italian, European and world championships and with the superlative results of Edoardo who carries forward the Calabrian walking movement with great growth, making it climb to the highest step of the podiums.