Catanzaro-Veroli, a destiny already written…


By John

Catanzaro and Catanzaro, it was destiny. If a boy of just twenty has already been coached by Gaetano Auteri and Claudio Ranieri, the former in Pescara and the latter in Cagliari, the path that leads him to the Giallorossi seems logical. It’s time to Davide Veroli is growing – well – under the guidance of Vincenzo Vivarini, the Eagles’ coach who is from Pescara due to his football education and family ties, the circle has closed. Coincidences aside, Veroli was the first summer reinforcement of sporting director Giuseppe Magalini, who took him on loan from Cagliari with the right to buy (but the Sardinians kept the option for the return).
And he was the first young player, among the new entries, that the coach fielded as a starter in the championship, debut in Cremona, then against Ternana on neutral ground in Lecce: «If I really have to choose one, the one against the Umbrians was my best personal performance». Such high consideration right from the start was also unexpected for the person directly involved: «This is my first experience in the category, which is very difficult and it shows. I had talked a lot with the coach during the training camp, he always told me that he would give me space, but I certainly didn’t expect to be a starter in the first few days, then it’s clear that I was very happy”, said the defender. «As soon as I received the call from Catanzaro I didn’t hesitate – he added –, I was very happy, I immediately found myself at ease with my teammates, with the group in general, with the staff, the coach, the management, the city , which is a very hot place, carries with it the enthusiasm of the championship won last year and is carrying this same enthusiasm throughout Italy, with many fans following us everywhere. Even in the locker room you could feel the same enthusiasm.”
It’s still noticeable now and it’s contagious: «I’m a bit sorry for the break that came at the peak of a good period, but it will still be useful because it can allow us to improve where we can improve». Born in Ancona and raised in Pescara before being bought by Cagliari, Veroli played six games in the league, four of which from the first minute (he also did it in the Cup in Udine). In short, he began his apprenticeship in the heart of the game immediately, deployed in the role of blocked left back (in fact, a left-footed centre-back) which seems the most suited to his characteristics: «In the department there are very strong players for the B , Stefano (Scognamillo, ed.), Brighenti, Situm, gave me advice from day one and the coach did too. In the beginning it was a little more complicated because his game concepts have to be assimilated and are not too easy to learn. The role? I like it a lot, in the past I have played both at center back and at wingback, also at full back with Auteri, despite having fewer requests than with Vivarini, but I am ready to play anywhere”, underlined the twenty-year-old who in addition to having a good physical structure – essential to stay back there – combines excellent running ability, one of the aspects that surprised Auteri, the first to launch him among the professionals.
«All the coaches I had were important and each one left me something – explained Veroli – Auteri in Pescara gave me the chance to make my debut among the greats. But even the little I had with Ranieri, because last year I was more in the Primavera than in the first team, made me understand what a great coach and a great person he is. I didn’t hear from them before coming here, but I know that they both had kind words for me and I thank them.” Yes, Veroli in Catanzaro was destiny.
News bulletin. Double work session for the team yesterday. In addition to the national players D’Andrea and Ambrosino, and the injured Situm, Oliveri was rested due to the flu. Today and tomorrow only afternoon training ration, as always in Giovino.