Catanzaro wants to resume the race: at the “Ceravolo” high altitude challenge against the remodeled Modena. Probable lineups


By John

Another high-flying clash. With anger at the defeat of How which moves towards redemption through performance and ideas, never scratched. With the usual push of the “Ceravolo”, which also this afternoon is moving towards ten thousand people ready to shout: with them Catanzaro is always a little stronger. It will be needed against an opponent like the Modenaso far unbeaten away and close in the standings, just two points behind the Giallorossi.
Vivarini smiled as he finished: Brighenti trained with the group and should make it, as a starter obviously. Verna is not among those called up, as she has a meniscus problem in her left knee and will miss at least this match, but she will be back again Situm. The Croatian has accelerated his recovery, he is well and during the week he started playing pressure games with his teammates: it is not enough to expect him on the pitch already today, but his full return is now truly imminent.

“The team knows how to react to knockouts, they have already shown it, they are a little nervous and they are alive because we all care about doing well for our people, who are always fantastic”, explained the coach before focusing on the work done in week: «We analyzed the Como match a lot in which we made many mistakes and in many situations we could have done better even if the performance was there. We thought about how to improve even more and to avoid repeating certain gaps, the boys responded in a very careful and precise way, orienting themselves towards who we are facing this time, that is, a well-equipped opponent.”
The starting lineup is a puzzle in some roles. Vivarini did not go too far (“Apart from Verna, everyone is fine”), Brighenti’s recovery no longer seems to be in question, but the ballots are different: Oliveri can come out on top Katseris as a right back, Biasci on Donnarumma in attack, therefore Pontisso And Pompetti are the protagonists of a head-to-head in the middle: «One or the other – said the coach – Pompetti has qualities that I really like, of a high level, even though he still has to enter into our philosophy because he is still too frenetic and has different playing times. Once he succeeds he can make us make the leap in quality, he has the potential.”
The last doubt is on the right of midfield, where he is pounding Tow in the duel with Sounas and, a little further back, Brignola: «Stoppa is doing very well, he is constantly earning credits, as a substitute he played in important matches, he has energy, exuberance and unpredictability which represent great qualities for a top management».
Modena has many absences and a staff that can compensate for them. So be careful: «The attackers are missing I squeeze And FalcinelliThere are Bonfanti and other great guys. Modena is a very strong team, we cannot be lulled by their failures. I expect him to have the same attitude as Como, plus he works very well in the department, is very attentive to the qualities of the opponent, has different principles and philosophy from ours, often tries to build with a long ball and is good in the development phase. For Catanzaro – concluded Vivarini – it is a good test.”