Cateno De Luca launches his candidacy for mayor of Giardini Naxos


By John

Cateno De Luca, mayor of Taormina and leader of «South calls north» is ready to conquer the fifth municipality given that he has already been mayor of other municipalities in the past. In fact, he launched his candidacy for mayor of Giardini – Naxos on the sidelines of a meeting of his party’s local committee which took place at the «La Cambusa» restaurant.
«We have defined – said De Luca – the “maiatica” or newborn pact. The current mayor of Giardini Naxos, Giorgio Stracuzzi, has appealed the sentence of the Messina court which declared him incompatible and therefore lapsed, there is the risk that his mandate will expire naturally.
As regards the next administrative elections, following a probable technical postponement, they will arrive at least in May 2026. If this is the period I think that by that date, the difficult work on Taormina will have been finished. Next June, for example, we will emerge from the financial crisis. In two years, as I already did in Messina, I will have finished the reorganization work. I therefore say straight away that I would like to take care of Giardini Naxos and why not I can decide to take the field and face another complicated reality.”