Celebrations Saverio Strati, Princi: “Give due recognition to those who have been able to describe Calabria and the Calabrians”


By John

The vice president of the Calabria Region, Giusi Princichaired today, at the regional Citadel, the meetings of the Coordination Committee and the Scientific Committee, established by resolution of the Council for the promotion of initiatives in view of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Saverio Strati, whose centenary of birth will occur on 16 August 2024.

“Today – declared the vice president – ​​we started discussing the planning of activities dedicated to the celebrations of one of the most illustrious Calabrian and Italian writers. Together with President Occhiuto we wanted to institutionalize the Committees, made up of professors, writers, researchers, prefacers of volumes, journalists, publishers, to whom we entrust the planning and promotion of initiatives through which to give the right recognition to those who, acute interpreters of the problems of emigration and cultural integration, through his literary masterpieces, he was able to tell the story of Calabria and the Calabrians”.

“Within this initiative – Princi also specified – the experimental project is also included, intended for secondary schools, developed in agreement with the regional school office, which has the aim of promoting the study of important Calabrian writers, such as Strati, but also such as Alvaro or La Cava, whose works will become an integral part of the curricular teaching. It is necessary that the memory is not lost and that a process of valorisation begins that does not stop only in Calabria but also has adequate evidence in schools throughout Italy. Furthermore, through the Saverio Strati celebrations, we intend to give visibility and value to the internal areas of our region to promote a positive narrative of Calabria”.

By delegation of the full members, the professor took part in the meeting Rossella Marzullofor the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, professor Fulvio Librandi, for the Unical of Cosenza, the professor Charlie Barnao for the Umg of Catanzaro, and the editorial director of the Rubbettino publishing house, Louis Franco, who was identified as president of the Scientific Committee. Present for the regional education department is the manager of the culture sector, Ersilia Amatruda.

The vice president informed the members of the Committees that the Region will financially support the program of initiatives and that a special portal will be created through which to intercept even the youngest. At the end it was decided, accepting the proposal of vice-president Princi, to make the Committees permanent to undertake the same path with other prestigious authors of Calabrian literature.

The steering committee, in addition to vice president Princi, is composed of: Domenico Stranieri, mayor of Sant’Agata del Bianco, Palma Comandèfamily member of the writer, Florindo Rubbettino, of the publishing house of the same name, Antonella Iunti, director of the regional school office, Giuseppe ZimbalattiRector of the University of Reggio Calabria, Nicola LeoneRector of the University of Calabria, Giovanbattista De SarroRector of the Magna Grecia University of Catanzaro, Maria Mallamacegeneral manager of the Regional Secretariat for Calabria of the Ministry of Culture.

The following are part of the Scientific Committee: Giuseppe Bovapresident of the Rhegium Juli; Gioacchino Criacowriter; Andrea Di Consoli, writer, literary critic, columnist, Rai Teche; Goffredo Fofi, writer, journalist and film, literary and theater critic; Louis FrancoRubettino editorial director and curator of the series of works by Saverio Strati; Anna Rosa Macrì, journalist and writer; Aldo Maria Morace, president of the Corrado Alvaro Foundation. Antonio MottaLeonardo Sciascia Documentation Center/Archive of the Twentieth Century; Domenico Nunnari, journalist and writer; Walter Pedullàwriter, literary critic, former full professor of history of modern and contemporary Italian literature at La Sapienza University; Giusy Staropoli Calafati, Writer; Holy Layersdirector Calabria Live; Luigi Tassonisemiologist, full professor of Italian literature and semiotics at the University of Pécs (Hungary).