Cesarò, brawl during carnival celebrations: 4 people arrested


By John

During a service organized in Cesarò, on the occasion of the carnival celebrations, the Carabinieri of the local station they arrested four people aged between 25 and 57, all already known to the policeheld responsible for having participated in a brawl, which occurred during a traditional demonstration, which brings together numerous people every year.
The events took place as the allegorical floats passed in a street in the centre, where the Carabinieri noticed a group of people involved in a fight with kicks and punches, which probably started for trivial reasons.
Having intervened immediately, the military stopped the troublemakers who suffered some injuries, avoiding further consequences. Despite the resistance put up by the four men involved, the Carabinieri blocked them and proceeded to arrest them as they were held responsible for brawling aggravated by personal injury and resistance to a public official.. At the end of the formalities, those arrested were placed under house arrest in their homes at the disposal of the Judicial Authority.