Cetraro, the Supreme Court has decided: Franco Muto will not return to prison


By John

Franco Muto will not return to prison. The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal of the Attorney General of the detached section of the Court of Appeal of Sassari against the provision which had ordered the home detention of the “king of the fish”. Muto who is defended by the lawyer Michele Rizzo – whose defense arguments were fully accepted – he will therefore continue to serve his sentence at his home in Cetraro.
We remind you that on 13 July last, the trial set following the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office against the decision taken last February by the same Court which had granted home detention in place of prison detention to atone for the 20 years of imprisonment imposed on the elderly boss – now 83 years old – following the conviction in the Court of Appeal of Catanzaro which believed to be the leader and promoter of the mafia-type association gravitating in the upper Tyrrhenian area of ​​Cosenza.
In the proceeding called “Frontiera” the Cetraro boss was sentenced to 20 years in prison on appeal. A judgment which had therefore overturned the first instance one of the Court of Paola, which had acquitted him as the head of the association, but found him guilty of other crimes. Then the Supreme Court confirmed the sentence and Muto ended up in the Sardinian penitentiary; a few months later the supervisory judges granted him the deferral of his sentence for health reasons, thus accepting his lawyer’s request.
Franco Muto is one of the most important and feared bosses in Calabria.