Charlotte of England is a “golden child”: her image is worth 3.6 billion pounds


By John

Her personal heritage is officially zero, as it is obvious that she is only 8 years old (and beyond what will be due to her in the future as the second child of the future king of England). But in terms of the estimated net worth of her picture, Princess Charlotte, granddaughter of King Charles III and daughter of William and Kate, Princes of Wales, can be considered something of a golden child: ranked first, it seems, in the entire list of the most privileged peers on the planet.

At least according to what some Australian and British tabloids are reporting these days, resurrecting the calculations of a “study” carried out months ago by Electric Ride on Cars, a publication on electric toys for children, and already mentioned by the Daily Mirror in February. Calculations that assign a net worth of 3.6 billion pounds (approximately 5 billion dollars) to the turnover linked to products of which Charlotte could be considered as a reference testimonial.

Value down by 12% at the beginning of 2023 compared to the sum quantified a year earlier (due to the general economic crisis); but superior to what is credited by the same source to other “elected” children or to any other princeling of the Windsor house: including his older brother George, the predestined rulerwhich precedes it in the line of succession but evidently not in commercial appeal.

Beyond the forcing of sensational headlines on the “richest girl in the world”, Charlotte seems to be able to count on the appeal that her style and the spotlight guarantee her: in the wake of the legacy of so-called “Diana effect”, once attributed to the late paternal grandmother and cover star; or, nowadays, that of the ‘Kate effect’. In particular, in her case, in the children’s fashion sector: as confirmed by the sales of garments or accessories recently inspired, for example, by the little flower dress shown by the little princess in the photos taken for Father’s Day; or the charming pink sunglasses sported by the royal box at the last Wimbledon tennis tournament.