Reggio, Gotha trial. The Supreme” and the magistrate who favored the ‘Ndrangheta


By John

There will be some good ones in Reggio Calabria because certain balances have broken”. Disturbing words contained in a pizzino found in the hideout of the fugitive boss, Pasquale Condello “the supreme”, and addressed to a magistrate. An episode addressed in “Gotha” debate and now highlighted in the voluminous reasons for the sentence issued by the Collegial Tribunal: «The existence of the hidden level, within which subjects with extraction that is not properly ‘Ndrangheta operate, is confirmed by the discovery in the fugitive’s lair of a pizzino, intended for a unidentified magistrate. The expression should be placed in relation to the manuscript found whose contents are no less disturbing: «Since you came to Reggio and for many years you have made agreements with gangs favoring them in their trials and this is there for all to see. You have taken a lot of money from these gangs, and you have taken on the burden of continuing the war with your pen on honest people. She cannot wear the toga for personal purposes, or only, to defend drug traffickers and assassins. Just because they give her tons of money and unfairly fight people with clean hands. This will all end.”

There is no doubt that it is a “pizzino” addressed to a magistrate who served in Reggio even if the recipient of the pizzino has not been identified: «It is a member of the Reggio judicial order, to whom Condello Pasquale at the period of the facts certainly made accusations of bias and corruption.