Checks in Reggio, four street vendors stopped. 40 kilos of goods seized


By John

As part of specific services arranged by Commander Zucco, the Local Police of Reggio in recent days it has carried out numerous inspection activities in the field of commercial and administrative police.
During the checks, four illegal street vendors were discovered. For two of them, completely lacking the authorization titles and traceability certificates of the food goods put up for sale even in defiance of health and hygiene standards (fruit and vegetable boxes in direct contact with the ground), seizures were triggered. In total they were approximately 14,000 euros in fines were imposed and 40 kilos of food goods were seized (immediately destroyed).
Also within the scope of the aforementioned services, which also extend to night and evening hours, two venues in the center were caught performing musical shows without the required legal authorisations. In this case, the owners of the premises were sanctioned and administratively referred to the competent municipal authority for the consequent measures.
The services, given the particular relevance of the phenomena, will continue without interruption in the next few days.