Cirielli: Calabria is getting back on its feet. The deputy minister in Marcellinara insists on the new course


By John

«The real issue for the South and in particular for Calabria is the lack of mobility. Logistics is its real problem. Calabria, more than all the regions of Italy, has a motorway connection with the rest of Italy in addition to inadequate internal mobility. This means little possibility of circulating men, vehicles and goods and consequently means economic depression. I think that the absolute priority intervention is to create an adequate road network that allows Calabria to develop.”
This is what was supported by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Edmondo Cirielli, in the Marcellinara stage of his institutional visit to Calabria, after having been in Crotone. In the conference room of Palazzo Sanseverino in Piazza Francesco Scerbo, the representative of the Fratelli d’Italia of the Meloni government met local administrators, entrepreneurs and associations of the district. The initiative was promoted by Antonio Montuoro, regional councilor of Giorgia Meloni’s party and president of the second budget commission, economic planning and productive activities, European Union affairs and foreign relations, as well as secretary of the Commission against the phenomenon of the ‘ndrangheta, corruption and widespread illegality .