Noi Magazine, quality information and “respectful” words in class with Gazzetta del Sud


By John

Digital education, quality information, love for reading and writing, and, above all, respect for other people starting from the words used in every circumstance: these are the themes on which the “Gazzetta del Sud in classroom with Noi Magazine” at the center of the passionate meetings held in the Messina comprehensive schools “Cannizzaro Galatti” and Mazzini”. A small “tour” among the desks, conducted by the person responsible for the Noi Magazine project and insert, the Gazzetta’s deputy head of service Natalia La Rosa, who talked about it with teachers, students while leafing through the paper newspaper in the classroom with the historic Noi Magazine insert, which has been in the Thursday Gazzetta del Sud between Sicily and Calabria since 1996. Other school visits will be scheduled, while they will resume next 17 November also includes the appointments of the GDS Academy, with meetings between young people, experts and institutional representatives in the auditorium of the Gazzetta del Sud, which will return to welcome school groups with their joyful and always welcome presence in the Messina production hub of the publishing company.

Primary and secondary classes involved

At the Cannizzaro Galatti Comprehensive School, directed by the principal Egle Cacciola and currently housed in the Cristo Re complex, the dialogue involved the primary school and the lower secondary school, with the participation of the project representatives for both school levels, the teachers Annamaria Bellinghieri and Rosanna Passarello, the teachers of the classes involved and the president of the Institute Council Graziella Galletta. At the Mazzini Institute, the meeting with the new head teacher, prof. Nicola Labate, who fully shared the objectives of the project, underlining both the role of the school in providing young people with the correct tools for knowledge and interpretation of reality, but also that of families, in a synergy that passes through dialogue and sharing. The tour will be led by the contact person for the Noi Magazine project and for IC Communications. Mazzini, professor Luana Campanella, while in the various classes involved (the second sections B, C, E, F and the third E, FG), the teachers Liliana Campanella, Roberta Ruggiero, Giusy Gambino, Franca Maio, Melania Muscianisi were present , Domenica Scuderi, Emanuela Tocchetto.

The newspaper and responsible information

Many topics were covered, starting from Noi Magazine, the insert “conjugated to the future”, a precious communication channel for young people, who see their texts, photos and works created as part of school activities published, in individual or collective. Great curiosity in particular about the production cycle of the paper newspaper, from the continuous search for news by the editorial staff to the graphic composition, printing and distribution on newsstands. La Rosa highlighted in particular the specificity of the newspaper, compared to all other media: a special “anthology” of current affairs that is different every day, with graphics, insights and original ideas that stimulate reading and reflection, but above all a channel of responsible and verified information, compliant with the ethical canons of respect for the truth and for people, and always referable to identified and identifiable people, including those who sign the articles and the responsible management. A reliability that distinguishes professional information – be it paper but also television, digital and social, when it is the expression of newspapers – compared to everything that can be found especially on the web: reliability highlighted in the dialogue with younger people, inviting them to ask themselves always the provenance of what they learn.

The difference and complementarity between the different channels has also been explored in depth, thanks to the strong multimedia component of the project for schools which is expressed through all the newspapers of Gazzetta del Sud: the paper newspaper (or in digital edition, chosen by many schools for reading in class), the website, the Rtp TV, the Antenna dello Stretto radio. The close link with the University was also remembered, with themes developed on the pages of the insert in order to contribute to the fight against dropping out of studies and school dropout.

Privacy and “broad” language

A special in-depth study was dedicated to the aspects of personal data protection, therefore for example the dissemination of photos and information especially on the web, on channels over which one has no control, always underlining the importance of sharing with parents in particular in presence of uncomfortable situations and acts of arrogance or bullying. Among the themes also the “broad” language, which opened the latest edition of the insert, recalling the importance of using respectful words towards all other people, in the certainty that it is a powerful tool for building a peaceful coexistence of differences, against all forms of violence and discrimination.