Cirò Marina, fight against illegal and undeclared work: the police sanction the owner of a commercial business


By John

In recent days, the Carabinieri of the Cirò Marina Company, together with the other Police Forces of the capital, have been engaged in a territorial control and crime prevention service, as well as in the fight against illegal and undeclared work. The service, carried out in the Cirò Marina area with the support of the Crotone Labor Inspectorate Unit and the Cirò Forestry Carabinieri Station, made it possible, among other things, to ascertain, at a commercial establishment in the city centre, the presence of two workers without a regular contract, the lack of health surveillance and the lack of authorization to use a video surveillance system. Approximately two and a half kilos of non-compliant plastic bags were also seized. The owner of the business, which has been temporarily closedwas sanctioned with fines totaling over €42,000and was reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office of Crotone.