Plots, “To future memory”. From 18 June in Lamezia the 13th edition of the Festival of books on mafias


By John

Maintain high attention on connivances, infiltrations and silences that allow the mafias to persist in their control over spaces, consensus and power. This will be the goal of “A futuro memoria”, the thirteenth edition of Trame- Festival of books on mafias scheduled in Lamezia Terme from 18 to 23 June 2024.

«On certain crimes, on certain administration of justice and on the mafia»: Leonardo Sciascia wrote about it in “A futuro memoria (if memory has a future)”, a book published by Bompiani in 1989. And the new edition is in this wake of the festival which aims to address issues related to crimes, the administration of justice and organized crime, carrying forward the anti-mafia debate and its values. During the six days of the event, writers, journalists, magistrates, politicians, scholars and members of the civil community will meet in Lamezia who will all have the opportunity to express themselves and denounce these phenomena.

«This year Trame returns to one of its strong identity themes: memory, remembrance, the battles for freedom, the resistance to the mafias in the territories, the stories of the victims and those who have been forgotten. But it will also be a time to reflect on the present, on the state of the fight against the mafias and on the wars that are turning the world upside down. Like every year, Trame aims to be an open space for dialogue, comparison and discussion. To orient ourselves in the future, with the tools of knowledge of the history that preceded us” declared the artistic director of Trame-Festival, Giovanni Tizian.

«This year too the festival will have many new features and new traveling companions – added the President of the Trame Foundation Nuccio Iovene – who will join those who have worked with us over these thirteen years. There will be associations involved in the fight against mafias throughout Italy, institutional representatives and many partners who have chosen to support our work. A festival full of surprises: we look forward to seeing you in Lamezia.”

For the second consecutive year Trame-Festival was selected by the Turin Book Fair as part of the “Luci sui festival” project, the initiative that promotes the main literary events of our country.

The event is promoted and strongly desired by the Trame Ets Foundation and the Antiracket Lamezia Onlus Association, engaged throughout the year with activities aimed at raising awareness and exercising the values ​​of active citizenship and legality, and which recognize the warning in historical memory for present civic commitment.