Cirò Marina, from the attempt to run her over with a car to sexual harassment: a 50-year-old arrested after 5 years of abusing his daughter


By John

Under house arrest, a 50-year-old from Crotone who has been allegedly mistreating his almost 30-year-old daughter for about five years. The carabinieri of the Compagnia di Cirò Marina carried out the measure on the orders of the Court of Croton.

From what has been ascertained following the investigations conducted so far by the Arma soldiers, the man would have forced the woman to radically change her lifestyle, especially in recent months, repeatedly sending her telephone messages, stalking her when she moved, insulting her , beating her and, on some occasions, even attempting to run her over with your own car with the very aim of forcing it into a state of subjection, sometimes even looking for explicit sexual approachesan aspect on which specific investigative insights by the investigators are still in progress.