Confcommercio launches “Visit Reggio Calabria”: a new way of communicating the territory, with traders at the center


By John

“Visit Reggio Calabria” is underway, the Confcommercio Reggio Calabria project which aims to mark a new chapter in the exploration and valorisation of the territory by creating a bridge between deep-rooted traditions and modern tourism, to give life to an exciting journey that winds through the province of Reggio Calabria. Visit Reggio Calabria will exploit web and social channels, new digital communication technologies, specific lines of storytelling with the aim of building a new way of narrating the territory, shared and collectively represented in which entrepreneurs and traders will gradually become protagonists , those who spend every day raising the shutters and opening the doors of restaurants, hotels and B&Bs.

A project immediately embraced by the Chamber of Commerce, developed in collaboration with Protur Media, a young and dynamic marketing agency from Reggio and which, as explained by the director of Confcommercio Fabio Giubilo And Christian ZuinCEO of Protur, “was born with the ambitious objective of reversing the comfortable habit of many public entities of imposing lines and strategies for tourism growth in the area from above, aiming for simple sharing where, instead, all choices must not only be shared but, on the contrary, they must be taken on by the community in a bottom-up process that allows for a real internalization and then translated into a tourist offer”.

There are four guidelines of the Confcommercio initiative: the valorisation of the villages; the deseasonalisation of the tourist offer; the construction of stable and modern tools for the promotion of cultural and historical heritage; the creation of an inclusive vision in which everyone and first and foremost traders will be protagonists in exploring, loving and enhancing every aspect of our province.

The president of Confcommercio is enthusiastic Lorenzo Labate: “Visit Reggio Calabria is not just a project but a revolution in the way of conceiving tourism. We aim to rediscover and celebrate our cultural identity, actively involving local traders who are the true storytellers of the area. It is a story of community, tradition and natural beauty waiting to be told and appreciated. The priority step in this direction is to tell one’s story, to build a collective and shared narrative with which to present oneself on the tourist markets. In line with the Bergarè event, organized by the Chamber of Commerce which supports us in this initiative, aimed not only at presenting a product, bergamot, certainly of excellence, but above all at “teaching” the community how to use it in the territory , to tell it, making companies, scholars, artisans, restaurateurs become protagonists”.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce has full approval and approval Ninni Tramontana who applauds this Confcommercio initiative which aims to stimulate the growth of the territory through the creation of a true community spirit. Visit Reggio Calabria, to which the Chamber of Commerce will give maximum support, can become a significant step forward in strengthening the link between commercial activities and the cultural fabric of our province. On the other hand, it is an ambitious and tantalizing idea that sees traders “learning” to become ambassadors of our territory, bringing to light unique stories and authentic traditions”.

Thanks to the commitment of the Confcommercio traders from Gerace led by Salvatore Orlando and with the full support of the municipal administration and the Mayor Salvatore Galluzzo, Visit Reggio Calabria has already experienced its first magical stage during the Christmas holidays right in Gerace, with the story of a splendid winter edition of the “Enchanted Village”. An incredible stage, a unique atmosphere, intense participation and lots of emotions. For a debut that marks the beginning of something important.