Confconstruction guest of the XXXVI edition of the Turin International Book Fair


By John

At the traditional appointment in Turin, with the XXXVI edition of the International Book Fair, which since 1988 in the setting of the Lingotto Fiere has brought together the entire book supply chain, Confedilizia will also participate, which on 10 May 2024, from 12.30 pm, will be a guest in the stand set up from the Calabria Region, Event Space – U138-V137 – Oval pavilion.
On this occasion, the last two collective works will be presented, published in the editorial series “Property Library” promoted by the same Confederation: “Property and its enemies. From the EU 'Green Homes' directive to freedom” and “Sacred scriptures and wealth, myths and reality”, with interventions by Giorgio Spaziani Testapresident of Confconstruction, Sandro Scoppaco-author and editor of the volumes, and university professors Domenico Bilotti (UMG Catanzaro), Riccardo de Caria (Turin) and Alessandro Vitale (Milan).
The first volume collects the contributions of various authors (Carlo Lottieri, Sandro Scoppa, Isabella Tovaglieri, Andrea Giuricin, Cristian Merlo, Domenico Bilotti, Pietro Monsurrò), who analyzed the European initiative from different thematic angles with the aim of thus offering the reader argumentative paths to grasp its objectives and scope and, above all, to reflect on the harmful consequences of its possible application. Which could compromise the political and economic system, halt the development at the basis of industrial civilisation, squandering natural and human resources, forcing the development of expensive and ineffective solutions.
The other volume in presentation offers the reader argumentative paths (elaborated by Sandro Scoppa, Domenico Bilotti, Dario Caroniti, Beniamino Di Martino, Andrea Favaro, Michael Severance), rich in food for thought, on the many myths of an alleged incompatibility between the evangelical message and wealth, which leads us to consider how the need to adopt new hermeneutic canons for sacred texts from which compatibility can be deduced is increasingly current between Christianity and the fundamental principles of individual freedom and free and voluntary social cooperation.
The 2024 Salon, which will take place from 9 to 13 May 2024, will have as its theme “Imaginary life”, which is recalled in the poster illustrated by the artist and cartoonist Sara Colaone and «tells of a surprising and mysterious territory where the gaze becomes free to contemplate imaginary lives, reproduce and grow independently. The manifesto also recalls the value of imagination and community: the books and the characters that populate them create an upward momentum, towards small worlds in formation and uncontrollable expansion and belong to the community.”
The complete program is available on the website