Construction sites in Pagliara and Pettineo checked: fines of 37 thousand euros


By John

With the aim of giving continuity to the activities already started in previous years, also for this year, the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Messina, in agreement with the director of the Territorial Labor Inspectorate of Messina architect Enrico Zaccone, have prepared, on a regular basis, the control activities of the construction sites located throughout Messina and the province. Last January, as part of the checks aimed at preventing and repressing crimes relating to safety in the workplace and the emergence of illegal work, the Carabinieri of the Messina Sud and Mistretta companies, together with the soldiers of the Inspectorate Unit of Lavoro di Messina, in two separate inspection activities, respectively subjected an established construction site to verification in Pagliara and one in Pettineo.

After access, the Carabinieri carried out an in-depth check in all areas where any situations could emerge that could endanger the safety and health of workers. At the end of the checks, in both construction sites, the military personnel ascertained irregularities with the sector regulations, in particular: the failure to provide suitable safety systems, aimed at preventing any slipping with potential danger of workers falling, the failure to provide suitable personal protective equipment, the presence of exposed electrical cables, without suitable systems to protect workers from potential risks. Following the violations ascertained, the owners of the construction sites were reported to the competent judicial authorities fines and sanctions of over 37,000 euros were paid against them. Checks were also carried out on all the workers employed on the construction site who, from a contractual and social security point of view, were found to be in good standing.
The campaign of controls by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Messina and the Labor Inspectorate Unitin the construction sector, will continue in the coming months throughout the province, with the aim of continuing the incisive action to prevent and combat serious violations, which strongly damage workers’ rights and put their safety at serious risk.