Corigliano, beat his mother to get money. The woman calls 112 just in time: a 35-year-old arrested


By John

Late yesterday afternoon, a heartfelt request for help received on “112”, the Carabinieri’s public emergency number, prevented a situation of oppression from degenerating into much more serious crimes. The report has in fact made it possible to launch a series of activities planned to immediately help people whose safety is exposed to concrete risks and has, at the same time, put operators in a position to be able to document recognizable criminal violations.
The theater of the events turned out to be a condominium located in the Fabrizio area of ​​the AU of Corigliano Calabro, where a young unemployed man was venting his anger towards his mother, to force her to give him that money which he demanded but which the woman was not in a position to grant him.
In this context, the soldiers of the Radiomobile Section of the Territorial Department of the Carabinieri of Corigliano Rossano, with the coordination of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Castrovillari, directed by the Chief Prosecutor Alessandro D’Alessio, they arrested a 35-year-old local man, already known to the police and no stranger to criminal violations of this kind.
Before going over what happened, it seems necessary to point out that the news is spread to guarantee the right to the press and in respect of the rights of the suspect – who still has to be considered subject to the presumption of innocence pending the current phase of the proceedings, whose criminal responsibilities may be clarified only through a sentence that has become irrevocable, ed.
The rapid sequence began with the request for money, continued with the arrival at the mother’s house, despite the ban on approaching the woman – ordered by the Castrovillari GIP for a similar situation that occurred in February 2022, ed. -, reiterated with the kicking of the building door and the dangerous attack on the victim, could have had a very different epilogue. Despite everything, however, the woman managed to maintain clarity and tolerate the attack until she took the opportunity to reach the telephone through which she managed to raise the alarm. to the Operations Center of the Territorial Department of the Carabinieri. Having understood the delicacy of what was happening, a patrol from the Radiomobile Section was sent to the site, which reached the reported house in just a few minutes. Once inside, the military’s task was more difficult than expected, as the crew members had to deal with the aggressive attitude of the man, who adopted firm physical resistance.
After having gathered evidence of guilt converging on the hypotheses of a recognizable crime, the suspect was arrested and associated with the Castrovillari prison, where he will remain at the disposal of the magistrates of the prosecutor’s office of that same centre.