Corigliano Rossano, two former public green workers climb onto the roof of a school in protest


By John

They climbed onto the roof of the Levi – Roncalli middle school Of Corigliano Rossanoin the province of Cosenza, two workers in charge of public green areas who are thus relaunching their protest, complaining about the failure to re-hire them by the company that won the tender for the sector. At the first light of dawn the two climbed onto the roof of the school building, while their colleagues were demonstrating in the courtyard of the school. In total, there are 12 former public green workers in the Municipality of Corigliano Rossano who have already been guaranteed employment by the successful tenderer in recent years.

¬ęThere was a tender – said a worker – and the company that won it absolutely did not hire us workers, who had been working in the public green areas for over 10 years, but rather another 20 new people. We are tired of false promises because we have families to support. We ask that we continue to carry out the activity we already had.” The protest will continue, the demonstrators underlined, until the certainty of returning to work is achieved.