Cosenza, alcohol and drugs are enemies of our kids. We need more prevention


By John

«We move to reach kids in their places and find addictions where they can proliferate. We must intervene decisively because the situation is not easy at all.” This was reported by the director of the Health Authority’s Addiction Service, Roberto Calabria, presenting the initiative to move staff to schools in the urban area, as well as to football schools and other sports facilities, to dialogue and raise awareness among young people about the dangers linked not only to the use of substances (drugs and alcohol), but also behind the apparently less dirty face of other addictions, starting with gambling. Since yesterday afternoon the prevention camper has been parked in Castrolibero, in the area of ​​the pitch of the “Eugenio Coscarello” club where yesterday it met the girls protagonists of the women’s football team, while today it will be the turn of the Allievi team.
A few days ago, however, he stopped at the Morrone sports center for a meeting with the Granata club and its members led by president Raffaele Pizzino. The director of Serd.D. Roberto Calabria was assisted by doctors Anna Maria Coscarello And Chiara Scazziota.
«What we are carrying out is an addiction prevention project aimed at the general population, with greater attention to young people. The aim is to avoid, or at least delay as much as possible, the use of narcotic substances and/or alcohol abuse. The project plans to reach young people in their meeting places such as nightlife or, as in this case, sports venues. By intercepting them via a mobile station (i.e. a camper already in use and owned by the Ser.D of Cosenza) the dissemination of material, the administration of interviews”.