Calabria film commission, the call for productions and training activities is now underway


By John

Presented for the second consecutive year during the Venice Film Festival at the Cinecittà space of the Italian Pavilion, the 2023 Production Call, a measure to support audiovisual productions that will submit cinematographic works intending to use natural places, landscapes and contemporary Calabrian contexts for their takes. The Commissioner of the Foundation illustrated the action, which is also an important attractor of investments for the tourism sector Anton Giulio Grande and the Director Luciano Vigna.
The public notice presents different lines of intervention and provides for the financing of films/feature films, fiction, TV series with allocations from 500 to 300 thousand euros, depending on the category, and short films with a financing of 25 thousand euros.
The notice is in advance information on the Foundation’s website at it will be possible to find all the useful information to participate in the call.
Among the distinctive criteria we highlight the “enhancement of regional identity in its contemporary dimension, through narratives, places and scenarios capable of conveying the current image of the region”.
During the meeting, there will still be space for professional training activities. At the speakers’ table Francesco Rutelli, President of Anica Academy ETS, who illustrated the agreement signed in recent months with the Calabria Film commission for the launch of training courses aimed at cinema professionals which will be held in Calabria and Rome. Scholarships are also provided for young Calabrians within the courses of Anica Academy, a third sector organization that offers basic and highly specialized training in the cinema, audiovisual and digital professions for already established professionals and for young talents.

Production and Training, therefore, will travel together for the first time.

Anica Academy ETS, created in 2020 by ANICA, Medusa Film, Netflix, Rai, Paramount and Vision Distribution, saw the entry of Gaumont Italia in 2023. It was created with the primary objective of designing, developing and organizing basic and highly specialized training courses in the cinema and audiovisual professions. It is aimed both at professionals who want to perfect skills already acquired, and at young graduates who look at the audiovisual sector as a sector that offers real opportunities for qualified employment, in line with knowledge and skills. In line with its industrial DNA, the school offers field experience – learning by doing – as one of the key elements of all courses, tailored to the specificities of each one, with particular attention to orientation and accompaniment towards further specializations or towards the world of work for younger people.