Cosenza and the unique city, more ‘No’s are arriving: The local Committee: “Just slogans”


By John

If the Calabria region and the representatives of the government majority intend to accelerate the process of the single city, in Rende the citizen committee does not intend to retreat a single millimetre. Tomorrow, at 6pm, yet another public meeting with the residents of Quattromiglia and Isolette. In recent days, however, other events have taken place in the city squares.
«The Rende citizen committee, as part of the information and awareness-raising activities on the theme of the single city, has held a new zonal meeting», those of the committee remarked, meeting the citizens of Roges and Sant’Agostino to discuss the proposal of Regional Law on the merger of the municipalities of Cosenza, Rende and Castrolibero. The Committee’s program therefore continues with concrete and positive feedback from the citizens: «In Rende we have culture and political tradition, sense of belonging and institutional respect, we have always practiced hospitality and solidarity and, so naturally, we nourish and strengthen identity values ​​that are difficult to find elsewhere”, so some citizens commented at the end of the last demonstration. At the same time, as already reiterated in other notes, «the Committee met with the Mayors of Cosenza and Castrolibero, the Prefectural Commissioners of Rende and various institutional and political bodies. At the moment, the only ones who have refused to confront are the representatives of the center-right of the regional government, the proposing councilors and even President Occhiuto”, they reiterate.
The meeting in the squares represents «a further important stage in the information and awareness campaign among citizens on the many negative aspects presented by the proposed regional law: no advantage has been demonstrated for the communities involved, only slogans and propaganda, and the legislative process for the merger of the three municipalities is tainted by anti-democratic, illiberal and constitutional illegitimacy”. Just as “formalized, even if preceded by the referendum consultation, useless in the current modified regulatory context, it remains an act of arrogance, arrogance and unprecedented institutional and political violence”. However, returning to the meeting of the last few days, the participation was very broad and there were numerous and qualified interventions from the public and former administrators who, today as simple citizens, highlighted how the battle waged by the Committee is the basis of a active role of the citizens themselves with respect to the future of the community.
«The opposition to the legislative process and to the method to eventually achieve the merger of the three municipalities, adopted by the regional government, in the absence of linearity and gradualness and in contempt of popular voluntariness and related grassroots demonstration was reiterated on all sides». In the next few days, the Committee will therefore continue its meetings in the various neighborhoods of the city.