Cosenza-Gemmi, divorce imminent: the boss is tempted by Reggiana


By John

Roberto Gemmi's stay on the banks of the Crati becomes complicated. Divorce is closer now. In the last few hours, the odds of a farewell for the Sila sporting director, expiring on June 30th, have been growing. The sporting director returned to Cosenza yesterday and Reggiana's courtship remains ruthless over him. The Emilians of the Cosenza president Carmelo Salerno have been flirting for some time with Gemmi and his collaborator Armando Perna, with whom the top Reggio manager is linked by a relationship tested when both were at Modena (the Palermo player as defender, captain and leader of the canaries, the professional from Montegiordano instead as a member of the club). Eugenio Guarascio (yesterday afternoon at the Stadium at the end of the sports season he met all the rossoblù youth selections, male and female, staff and athletes, and Cosenza For Special), in the days following the end of the championship, he did not dissolve his reservations on the matter to the position of the Neapolitan sports director, to whom a year ago he had extended a second annual agreement after the one stipulated in 2022 following the farewell of Roberto Goretti.
Ironically, Gemmi could succeed the Perugian this time too. The Umbrian sporting director, in fact, is very close to moving to Fiorentina, a club he had already been linked to in the past. The situation could be defined in the next week, however, the hypothesis of Gemmi and Perna landing in Reggio Emilia is taking shape.
The president of Cosenza, however, has yet to meet the architect of their salvation in 2023 and this year's near-miss playoffs. The pending appointment between the parties could shuffle the cards and re-link the current technical area to the Sila partnership. A lot, as is understandable, will depend on the projects that will be discussed during the meeting. The strategy of the number one in via degli Stadi is not yet clear. As has already happened in other circumstances, Guarascio has decided to postpone his choice despite Cosenza risking finding themselves with a coach but without a sporting director. From this perspective, however, another hypothesis also arises: that is, that Viali follows Gemmi and Perna to Reggiana in the event that the farewell of the last two takes place. The coach has a contract for a further year with the Wolves but a total reset of the projectin certain respects, at that point it could also become an ideal solution for the rossoblù, who would risk choosing a sporting director with the precise desire to take on the responsibility of choosing the coach.
Obviously, in such a scenario, the skein would run the risk of becoming tangled quite a bit. Guarascio has the possibility of resolving the stalemate at any time. Twelve days have already passed since the “Sinigaglia” match against Como and the other teams are starting to move, defining moves, strategies and projects. This also risks having an impact on the mood of Roberto Gemmi and the square, which this year also had the chance to lull the dream of aspiring to something more important. The future is now, Cosenza must decide its line.
Tutino, meanwhile, has attracted another suitor. The striker, wanted abroad but also in Italy, is liked among others by Brescia, eliminated from the playoff race.