Cosenza is really…Strong: Lecco sunk (3-0). The smile returns to the “Marulla”.


By John

4′ pt Forte, 25′ pt Marras, 5′ st Forte.
Cosenza (4-4-2): Micai 6.5; Cimino 7 (36′ st Rispoli sv), Meroni 6, Venturi 6, D’Orazio 7 (18′ st Fontanarosa 6); Marras 7.5, Calò 7.5, Praszelik 6.5 (18′ st Voca 6), Mazzocchi 6.5 (17′ st Canotto 6); Tutino 7, Forte 8 (23′ st Florenzi 6.5). All.: Caserta.
Lecco (3-5-2): Saracco 6.5; Battistini 5, Celjak 5.5 (1′ st Lemmens 6), Caporale 5.5; Guglielmotti 5 (12′ st Crociata 5.5), Sersanti 5.5 (28′ st Giudici 6), Degli Innocenti 5 (1′ st Tordini 5.5), Ionita 5.5, Lepore 5; Buso 6 (18′ st Eusepi 5), Novakovic 5.5. All.: Foschi.
Referee: Ghersini of Genoa 6.5.
Note: clear day, pitch in good condition, 6,112 spectators including 123 guests. Booked: Praszelik, D’Orazio, Crociata, Caporale, Tordini. Corners: 4-3. Recovery time: 2′, 6′.

Forty-nine days later Cosenza also found victory at the “Marulla” and reached the national team break with the wind in their sails and the feeling of growing day after day. For the first time, the rossoblù also performed better than at the same point in the last tournament: the season is taking a new direction. And the fans dream.
News. The first attempt is from Lecco, who in the 2nd minute shoots with Buso following the development of a free kick orchestrated by Lepore: Micai blocks it to the ground without problems. For Cosenza, however, the first shot on goal is already a winner. Calò recovers the ball, Forte controls and sends it under Saracco’s top corner with his right foot.
Cosenza tries again in the 16th minute when D’Orazio heads a corner from Calò but misses the target. Then, in the 20th minute, Praszelik narrowly missed the target from outside after a previous save by the former Sila player on D’Orazio’s shot.
The time for doubling is ripe: Tutino masterfully hooks Calò’s sweet rainbow, leaves Battistini in place and crosses to the far post for Marras’ flying half overhead kick (25′). The silanes give the sensation of being able to break the banks every time they sink. In the 35th minute Saracco avoids a hat trick from Marras’ attack. The start of the second half is still a sprint. Cosenza finds a hat trick with Forte. The “shark” scores his personal double with a shot from around 25 metres. Lecco’s reply is contained in Guglielmotti’s diagonal shot towards the post (10′). Two minutes later, the Caserta team chipped the crossbar with Tutino and Forte in the same action. The match tells little else. The rossoblù could further round off the score by arriving at the second stop of the championship with good feelings.