Pizzo, the events for the historical re-enactment of the shooting of Gioacchino Murat begin tomorrow


By John

The appointment with the historical re-enactment of the landing, arrest, condemnation and shooting of King Joachim Murat returns. This year’s event is incomplete as the historic president of the Murat onlus cultural association, the late prof, has passed away. Giuseppe Pagnotta (to which he took turns Ruggero Antonio Ceravolo); however this edition will still have his imprint, as he had taken care of all the details before his sudden passing. The event has the patronage of the Municipality and the contribution of the “Adesso Pizzo” association. Tomorrow the historical Muratti procession and the concert of 19th century military music will be held in the square; while Sunday will be the day of the eagerly awaited re-enactment of the landing, and will follow the salient moments of the last days of the life of the foreign king, whose death is inextricably linked to the Tyrrhenian town that houses his mortal remains. The presence of figures and historical groups makes the moments evocative and intense. Furthermore, on the day of his 208th anniversary, 13 October, the Eucharistic celebration will be held at the Cathedral of San Giorgio, as every year.