Cosenza, mistreats and rapes his partner: a 61-year-old arrested


By John

Physical and even sexual violence against his partner. The carabinieri of the Cosenza Company have a 61-year-old from Cosenza arrested for family abuse and aggravated sexual violence. In particular, the soldiers of the Castrolibero station ascertained that the suspect had made physical and sexual threats, violence, to the detriment of the then cohabiting woman, resulting in a state of suffering, prostration and discomfort incompatible with normal conditions. of her life. The investigation activity – coordinated by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Quarta – arose from the victim’s complaint to the Castrolibero carabinieri, who immediately took action, reporting the results of the investigations carried out to the Cosenza Prosecutor’s Office. The investigating judge of the Court of Cosenza ordered prison for the crimes of domestic abuse and aggravated sexual violence and the risk of repeating crimes of the same type.