Cosenza, poisons on differentiated autonomy – Gazzetta del Sud


By John

Autonomy is a funnel with no exit, an inclined plane that deforms towards the abyss. But it is also many interpretations, thoughts, feelings that are part of the same story. In the last few hours, however, the level of tension has risen with the “wild” posting of satirical posters claimed by the collective “La Base”, which brings together the different souls of the radical left. The city walls and those of the Unical bridge were covered with black and white posters with the faces of Calabrian centre-right parliamentarians who spoke in favor of the law. Accompanied by ironic captions, the faces of Mario Occhiuto, Fausto Orsomarso, Wanda Ferro, Simona Loizzo, Domenico Furgiule And Tilde Minasi sThey bloomed everywhere. The governor Roberto Occhiuto he was the only “extra” (non-parliamentary) to have ended up in the meat grinder of protest. An aggressive, greasy, sticky campaign that caused a cataclysm within a highly polluted dialectic. Faces, names and “dedications” risk becoming the trace of a judicial investigation that has just started after the intervention of the DIGOS investigators who photographed and acquired the flyers which have become “crime items”.