Cosenza, redevelopment of the Vagliolise station: something is moving. Meeting between the Municipality and RFI


By John

The redevelopment of the Vagliolise station is decisive for the mayor Franz Caruso. The entire area is, in fact, at the center of a broad vision of a vast urban reality, capable of raising the quality of life of citizens and for overall and shared growth. To this end, the urban planning councilor, Pina Incarnate, has been personally following the revitalization projects of this strategic structure for the entire district for some time, about which he met the RFI sector managers yesterday at Palazzo dei Bruzi. FDC managers also took part in the meeting for overall and overall planning.

“The Vagliolise station – stated councilor Incarnato – which presents critical issues of functionality, accessibility and safety, has been abandoned to itself for too long. Therefore, with reference to the RFI redevelopment project, we believe it is essential to make a synthesis for a design capable of relaunching the entire area and consequently making it at the service of the general development of the city and the entire province”. The debate and the broad comparison that opened made it possible to combine the significant investment planned by RFI for the renovation of the important building complex serving the railway structure, with the equally significant initiatives planned by Ferrovie della Calabria for the valorisation of the regional asset, with the relaunch and refunctionalization of the entire sector on which the Administration led by Mayor Franz Caruso has been working for some time. Councilor Incarnato, who also wanted to highlight the importance of Vaglio Lise both as an intermodal exchange center for the urban area and as a unique tool for the definitive urban, social and physical re-stitching of the entire area along via Popilia to the City has shown itself determined to carry out a decisive action for its rebirth which the Calabri Region is trying to hinder.

In this regard, the councilor for urban planning did not fail to recall, stigmatizing it, the strong delay of the Calabria Region in the procedures for the construction of the hospital HUB in Vaglio Lise and the unexpected and unilateral blockade by the Region itself in the construction of the light metro Cosenza-Vaglio Lise-Rende-Unical. “As regards the hospital, in particular, there is no doubt that its construction in Vagliolise, in addition to serving in the best possible way the provincial users for whom a hospital HUB is intended, would totally change the revitalization of the area. But these are things which evidently are not of interest to the Calabria Region. Nonetheless – said councilor Incarnato – the proactive action that we intend to carry forward with mayor Franz Caruso does not stop and does not retreat”.

“The redevelopment, restructuring and refunctionalization of the considerable underused and abandoned volumes – concluded Pina Incarnato – through the resources programmed by RFI for the Station with the design phase which will begin before next summer and which will see the completion of the works in 2026, will be a driving force and an important step for the overall valorisation of the EST gate of Cosenza”.

All parties, precisely in consideration of the stringent deadlines for the use of the resources communicated by RFI, have agreed to meet for next June for the complete definition of the functions and development initiatives of their respective competence.