The Reggio beach plan opens up to new concessions


By John

A plan to define what to do, where and how. The revision of the old beach plan dated 2009 redesigns the vocation of the 32 kilometers of coastline in the area. 10 years after the start of the reform of the urban planning instrument, the Falcomat√† administration has reached its goal. The approval of the counter-deductions during the last meeting of the Council translates into the definitive green light for the operation which moves around a clear philosophy: “Relaunch our coast” explains the councilor Giuseppe Sera, president of the Territory Commission who followed the process step by step. For the plan to become executive, a final step must now be addressed, obtaining the opinion of the Metropolitan City. An intervention that after ten long years (it was 2014 when the Falcomat√† administration began the operation with the design signed by the now Urban Planning Councilor Paolo Malara) finally reaches its end. Various innovations have been introduced: from new points on the coast that can be entrusted, to the introduction of new chiringuito structures designed for catering, from the provision of new accesses for state-owned areas, to the restoration of underpasses. A tool resulting from the observation of the territory that shows the scars of wild urbanization. The result? Erosion, occupations with buildings in state-owned areas, illegal dumping. And to deal with this situation, 20% of the seafront territory is occupied by coastal defense works. This is the context in which the organization operated.