Cosenza scores points and… rises: they are in the playoff zone and are worth 1.6 million more than last year


By John

Cosenza’s verve in the standings is inspired by a superior staff compared to that of previous years. In the first five seasons spent in the second division, the rossoblù always struggled to scrape out salvation, with the exception of the first year when, with significant growth, Piero Braglia’s group managed to finish in the middle of the table. The conditions for doing well were also glimpsed in the first third of this tournament, in which Fabio Caserta’s team was already capable of adding 19 points. The winter transfer market therefore promises to be less frenetic and dramatic than the previous ones when the silani are reduced to the last hours of the window to find the elements with which to make ends meet.
Increased budget. The club from via degli Stadi, compared to the past, has decided to raise the bar, as was confirmed by the reports that have appeared in recent days on the fixed emoluments allocated by the Serie B clubs. The data did not surprise too much because a growth in The initial “episode” was recognized by sporting director Roberto Gemmi on the day of Caserta’s presentation. The Neapolitan, always unwilling to open up when faced with the topic, in that case dismissed the issue with a few but significant words: «The budget has been increased, now it will be up to me to move well to take advantage of the amount that has been made available to me ». The increase proposed by Guarascio’s company is the fourth most ambitious of the category (obviously compared to those who already belonged to the championship last season). Compared to a year ago, Cosenza has risen from a salary of 5 million 233 thousand to one of 6 million 877 thousand. An increase of 1 million 644 thousand euros which, translated into percentage terms, equates to an increase of 31.42%. The rossoblù also went from occupying the penultimate place (only ahead of Cittadella) to overtaking three other clubs, now settling in the sixth-to-last position (Brescia, Feralpisalò, Sudtirol, Lecco and Cittadella remain behind), in a ranking led by Sampdoria (27.410 million ). In Serie B, in the year in which an 8% drop in emoluments was announced, only three decided to launch a more significant percentage increase. In order, Palermo comes in first place, going from 10.362 to 17.825 million (+72.02%). The second clearest percentage growth was then recorded in Como, which went from 15,948 to 22,492 million (+41.03%). The podium was then completed by Cittadella, still last but with a leap forward of 39.93% (from 3.266 to 4.570 million). Total wages also increased for Pisa (+19.43%), Modena (+14.06%), Sudtirol (+6.96%), Bari (+6.92%), Brescia (+2.18%) and Venice (+0.30%). In decline, however, Parma (-11.45%), Ascoli (-13.77%) and, above all, Ternana (-23.89%).
Recovery. Yesterday afternoon, meanwhile, field work began again at the “Delmorgine”. Once again, Cimino and Viviani carried out a specific job. Absent, naturally, are Fontanarosa and Zuccon, who responded to the call-up of the Italy Under 20 team on Monday. Today, a double session is scheduled for the rossoblù.