Cosenza, structural plan: the process has started. First majority meeting


By John

The fact that we start talking about it already represents an important result. If then the game were to close in a reasonable time, it will mean having reached the desired goal. And that is the aim of the administration of Palazzo dei Bruzi, determined to complete the Municipal structural planthe soul of a city in terms of urban planning and growth also in terms of resident population.
The more a place is made livable, in fact, the greater the attractiveness will be. In short, the old master plan is destined, even on the banks of the Crati, to end up in the drawer of memoriesready to be replaced by the more modern and innovative PSC, on which, however, local institutions have been working for years, since the government team Salvatore Peruginithrough the council Mario Occhiutoup to the current executive headed by Mayor Franz Caruso. A crucial point that the tenant of the Town Hall included in the electoral program, which has now become central in the political guidelines drawn up by the mayor himself.
To take care of it is the councilor of reference, Pina Incarnato, who on Tuesday called together the members of the majority to start a cognitive process of the instrument and maximum openness towards the council minority and the professional orders.