Cosenza, the championship is over: priority goes to Tutino


By John

The playoff dream crumbled. In the away match in Como, Cosenza will try to improve their seasonal score. The rossoblù will have a very important role in the promotion race because the Como side have not yet achieved promotion to Serie A, they are being chased by Venezia. Viali's group, for its part, will certainly have less incentive than their opponent but the Sila team – by the Lombard coach's own admission – want to surpass the best record of the Guarascio era in Serie B (with the draw against Spezia they equaled it : 46 points).
And then there is Gennaro Tutino. The Neapolitan striker has joined Negri on the throne of Wolves' goalscorers in a single Serie B season. The Neapolitan number nine, however, still has an arrow in his bow and he certainly has no intention of wasting it. In the last six he has always scored at least one goal, he is experiencing an extraordinary moment of form, confirmed by the brace scored for D'Angelo's team. At this moment he manages to convert every ball he touches into gold. Between A and B he is the best Italian scorer and there are those who sponsor him at Luciano Spalletti, who has already found great fortune in his city, for an impressive call-up to the national team in view of the European Championship.
There will be a lot of talk about the rossoblù bomber over the next month and a half. A crucial junction of Cosenza that passes through its future. The Via degli Stadi club, last summer, snatched the right of redemption from Parma. A condition, therefore, which allows Eugenio Guarascio to make the first move. The silani can determine the near future of the footballer. The rossoblù president should make an investment of around 4 million euros between the amount earmarked for the redemption and the attacker's gross annual salary. A sum of money that would have a certain weight on next season's budget. The Bruzio club could work a bit on the numbers, reducing the amortization rate by offering a contract of considerable duration. Something that Parenti's top executive has never taken into consideration in the past. Now, however, it is a question of retaining a player who, day after day, is becoming an absolute totem in the history of the club and is the indisputable darling of the square.
Tutino's market price has grown considerably over the course of these months because the Napoli goalscorer has reached full maturity, occupying second position in the rankings of the Serie B scorers. Various clubs have set their sights on him, including some from the top division. A possible investment from Cosenza, therefore, could also lead to a greedy capital gain, much higher than that achieved at the dawn of 2021 with Jaime Baez. Obviously this last aspect will also be affected by the Neapolitan's ambitions who – although enormously grateful and in love with the fans and the shirt – may want to try an experience in Serie A again.
In Cosenza, on the other hand, his career found an important boost. In the worst possible scenario for the “pack”, even his sale could represent a great advantage for the club, which would find itself with an extra sum in its hands to reserve for next season's budget (but clearly without the symbolic man and a footballer capable of shifting the balance). However, all these moves will follow the opening move. And Guarascio will be the first to move the chessboard. To do this, first, you will have to choose the sporting director. Viali still has one year left on his contract but Roberto Gemmi is expiring. Exploiting the “alchemy” between the manager of the transfer area and the coach would seem to be the most logical maneuver to avoid the risk of complicating the programs of the near future (what orientation would a new sporting director have on Viali?: ndc).