Tension in Rome, Minister Roccella challenged during the States General of Birth: “I have been censored, I expect solidarity from the left”


By John

Complaints to General States of Natality when the Minister for the Family Eugenia Roccella he spoke and signs were raised in the audience that spelled out the words: “I decide”.

Meloni, displeased by the protests, shows solidarity with Roccella – “I was sorry, solidarity with the minister”. Thus the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni left the Senate regarding the protests against the Minister of the Family Eugenia Roccella.

A group of students challenged the minister. As soon as Roccella spoke, the whistles and screams began which prevented her from carrying out her speech. At that point Roccella, addressing the demonstrators, took the microphone and said: “Guys, we agree, but no one said that someone else decides on women's bodies, absolutely no one”. But the protest continued. One of the demonstrators spoke briefly into the microphone, but was then interrupted by organizer Gigi De Palo, saying: “But this is a monologue.” So while the protest continued, De Palo himself decided to give the floor to other guests, postponing Roccella's intervention who first left the stage and then the Auditorium. The work is continuing but the situation in the theater has not yet returned to normal.

“I am sure that the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, the entire left, the intellectuals – Antonio Scurati, Roberto Saviano, Nicola Lagioia, Chiara Valerio, etc. -, the 'big press' and the 'militant press' that we have seen in these hours mobilized in other locations, will have unequivocal words of solidarity towards me after the act of censorship which he stopped me from speaking to the General States organized by the Foundation for Natality to carry out my intervention and also to respond to the protestors-censors and speak with them”. Thus the Minister for Family and Birthrate Eugenia Roccella in a post on Facebook.

“This morning I chose to leave the General States of Natality to allow the people who were on stage with me, an eight-month pregnant mother who gave her testimony and the president of the Family Forum Adriano Bordignon, to be able to speak without suffering the my same fate of censorship. And yet not even this was enough: I left the stage but also my mother (submerged by boos) and Bordignon were prevented from speaking calmly. So much so that the event was suspended the demonstration that it was not just a matter of censorship towards me or towards the government, but of a profound hostility towards motherhood and fatherhood, towards those who decide to bring a child into the world, exercising their freedom and without taking anything away from freedom of others, but contributing to giving a future to our society. In short, what is contested, in the end, is motherhood as a free choice”. This was stated in a note by Eugenia Roccella, Minister for Family, Birthplace and Equal Opportunities.

“We wanted to contest this Government and its patriarchal culture. Today Roccella said that no one was preventing us from our freedom, but it was always her who said that 'unfortunately abortion is a right. But we also contest the approach of conference'. Speaking is one of the students of the Aracne collective who this morning challenged the Minister for the Family Eugenia Roccella at the General States of Natality inside the Conciliation Auditurium in Rome with the cry of “But which State, which God, on I decide my body” and again: “Pro Vita out of the clinics”https://gazzettadelsud.it/articoli/politica/2024/05/09/tensione-a-roma-la-ministra-roccella-contestata-durante- the-general-states-of-birth-I-have-been-censored-I-expect-solidarity-from-the-left-4aba9053-b033-42dd-ae47-1b5eb231fe77/.”Valditara – says the Sicilian student – sent a circular to all students to invite them to participate in such a conference. We generally contest the conference which has a line aimed at making women think that their only goal in life is to have children, at making abortion impossible and at putting Pro Vita people in counseling centers”https://gazzettadelsud.it/articoli /politics/2024/05/09/tension-in-rome-minister-roccella-contested-during-the-general-states-of-birth-I-was-censored-I-expect-solidarity-from-the-left -4aba9053-b033-42dd-ae47-1b5eb231fe77/.”We don't want the woman's body – echoes a Roman student from the same collective – to be seen as an instrument for reproduction and we don't want the woman's ultimate goal to be considered motherhood. We ask for sex-emotional education in schools and Valditara's proposal to educate on relationships will never satisfy us. We ask for a transformist pedagogy in schools to form another type of society.”

Bonetti: “It is a serious fact, a sign of incivility unworthy of our democracy”

«It is a serious fact» the challenge to the General States of the birth rate «because every time the expression of thought is prevented it is a sign of incivility unworthy of our democracy. I expressed my personal but also political solidarity to Minister Roccella, to her and to all the people who were unable to speak, as well as to the organization of the General States of Births and to Gigi De Paolo who built all this as a place of debate and discussion on issues, not on ideological and political positions”. Elena Bonetti, Action deputy and former Minister for the Family, said this on the sidelines of the General States of Natality, while from the stage she sent Roccella “a personal hug”. “Politics – she added – has often hidden behind right-wing conflicts and left, mutually creating an alibi for doing nothing. We brought home the result when we were able to work on convergences” as happened with the “single universal allowance” which “was not abandoned by the subsequent government”.

Siracusano: “Shameful squad protest against Roccella”

«Maximum closeness to Eugenia Roccella, victim of a shameful and violent protest whose sole objective was to censor the intervention of the Minister for the Family». This was declared by Matilde Siracusano, undersecretary for relations with Parliament and deputy of Forza Italia. «Everyone can obviously express their thoughts and dissent, but democracy is also made up of dialogue and contradiction. Anyone who prevents someone else from expressing their beliefs is not a democrat but a squad member”, she adds.

Occhiuto: “This is who the real fascists are”

“The Minister for the Family, Eugenia Roccella, insulted, verbally attacked, censored. They profess to be democrats and then, through abuse and intimidation, prevent a woman from speaking. This is who the real fascists are. Sincere solidarity with the minister.”