Cosenza, the “golden seal” for Tutino. He scored 42.6% of the rossoblù goals


By John

The goal problem has often affected Cosenza's seasons. For this reason Roberto Gemmi in the composition of the squad for the tournament just concluded gave ample weight to the front line, giving the offensive department an important weight. The Sila team have partially resolved the difficulties encountered in past years but to do so they had to rely largely on a single element, Gennaro Tutino.
The Neapolitan striker was the absolute protagonist of the rossoblù goal. His numbers, which have become record-breaking in Bruzia history (20 goals, one more than Negri's score in the 1994-1995 season), have acquired a leading value in the cadet panorama. The player who arrived last summer from Parma, second in the ranking of Serie B scorers behind Joel Pohjanpalo (the Finn scored 22 goals), scored 42.6% of Cosenza's goals. None of his colleagues had such a noticeable impact on the fortunes of their team. On the podium, behind him, were Daniele Casiraghi, who scored 34.8% of Sudtirol's goals (16 goals), and Massimo Coda, author of 32% of Cremonese's goals (16 goals for him too). The first crucial step in Tutino's future will take place in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the Sila tip has flown away on holiday but will make a brief visit to the city in the next few days.
Identification. While waiting for his future to be defined by the next steps, Gennaro Tutino will consolidate his bond with the city a little more. The Neapolitan striker will receive the “golden seal” from the hands of mayor Franz Caruso next Friday, at 10.30, during a ceremony that will take place at Palazzo dei Bruzi. The footballer, who in recent months celebrated his civil marriage with his Arianna in the shadow of Sila, where his two children, Benedetta and Alfredo, were also born, receives the civic merit that the city attributes to prominent personalities who have distinguished in various fields. The reason behind the seal for Tutino «lies in the fact that the Cosenza striker stood out as an example of sporting excellence and civic virtues, for his dedication to football and for his team spirit which inspired many young people athletes and brought pride to all the people of Cosenza. His tenacity reflects the resilience and strength of character that Cosenza recognizes in its most illustrious citizens, making him worthy of receiving this honor.”. «The awarding of the city seal – said Caruso – is a symbol of values ​​that aims to fully recognize the capacity of a personal path, like that of Tutino, who already distinguished himself a few years ago in the ranks of the rossoblù team, returned there, after a few seasons in the top flight, soon becoming the symbol of an entire fan base who appreciated him, together with the entire city, for the competitive exploits that allowed Cosenza to achieve their deserved salvation with two rounds to spare. As I have already had the opportunity to point out, Gennaro Tutino, with his attachment to the shirt, to the rossoblù colors and to the city of Cosenza itself, has entered everyone's hearts, thanks also to the 20 goals scored in the championship that the rossoblù team has just concluded . It was these elements and values ​​that pushed us to evaluate the decision to award it the city seal. It will be a beautiful page for our city which will certainly be appreciated by those who, in addition to the footballer, also admire the human qualities of Gennaro Tutino.”
The mayor, in recent days, in complimenting the salvation achieved, had suggested to Guarascio to start again from number nine and Viali to build a competitive and ambitious team.