Cosenza, the leader of the Democratic Party contests the choices “against” made by Funaro


By John

The voice from within. Francesco Alimena leads the PD group in the council. He talked about his possible future councilor role after the defenestration of Maria Pia Funaro from the position of deputy mayor. No one better than him can explain to us what the atmosphere is like in the democratic environments at Palazzo dei Bruzi.
Alimena what happened with Funaro?
« “We must have the courage to fight”: it is Maria Pia Funaro who gave us this key to interpreting her actions as a member of the municipal government. The “courage of the conflict” had to be above all awareness of a commitment to change the city, starting from the ability to carry out a major work of structural and social redevelopment of the historic center and from the financial recovery of the municipal coffers devastated by the previous management in order to give answers to the needs of citizens and not express a spirit of constant contradiction towards the mayor’s actions. However, it was she herself who explained the reasons for his dismissal.
And how do you read the decision to revoke your appointment as group leader?
Maria Pia Funaro’s story highlights that the mayor, in fact, was forced to take the revocation measure. If he had not done so, further misunderstanding would have arisen which would have generated paralysis in the junta’s activity. Without mentioning the obvious contradictions that her story manifests: Maria Pia motivated the vote against the indication of the majority for the appointment of the auditor because it did not comply with the criterion of impartiality, without realizing that she instead conducted the vote, and claimed it , on the name of the auditor expressed in the previous council meeting by the centre-right majority. If we pay attention, it turns out that all the issues on which she wanted to distinguish were in contrast with the positions of the centre-right: on the latest issue of the council’s budget forecast, on the issue of the new hospital, on the auditor’s vote, her point of point of view he was critical of the majority and clearly in agreement with that of the council minority”