The story of Shani Louk, a young man with German citizenship kidnapped by Hamas in Israel and tortured in a video


By John

«A young woman of German citizenship», Shani Loukwould have been kidnapped by Hamas during the attack on Israel. The Der Spiegel website reports this, quoting family members: «Hamas terrorists kidnapped dozens of Israelis in their attack. It seems that among the victims there is also a young woman of German citizenship», writes the weekly website. The family has made their daughter’s German citizenship public in the hope that the German authorities will be able to do something in the event of a possible prisoner exchange.

«The woman lies on the “truck”, with her face facing downwards. Several men trample on his body which appears inanimate. A man pulls her hair, another spits on her bleeding head. The men shout ‘Allahu Akbar’, ‘Allah is great’. Then the jeep speeds away”: this, as the site describes, can be seen in a video “which is circulating on the Internet” and which shows the last images of the young woman owned by the family. After a phone call made “yesterday morning rest”, “the parents have no longer heard from their twenty-two-year-old daughter but their bank informed them that her credit card “was used in Gaza”.

The mother, Ricarda Louk, was born in Regensburg, Bavaria, and now lives in Israel “about 80 kilometers from the Gaza Strip” where she emigrated “thirty years ago”. Her husband, Shani Louk’s father, is Israeli and together they have four children, of which the abductee is the second child who lives alone in Tel Aviv, but her mother knew that she had gone to a concert “in the south”. The German federal police did not want to officially confirm the case of the missing German, Spiegel reports.