Cosenza, the three “dissident” councilors challenge the Democratic Party. Tinto, Graziadio and Trecroci risk expulsion


By John

They intend to understand why. Why did the party leadership fear the possibility of their expulsion. «We were disappointed», the opening sentence pronounced yesterday by Francesco Graziadio, Aldo Trecroci and Gianfranco Tinto at the press conference.
The three city councilors, in recent days, received notice of “eviction” from the Democratic Party, but even today they are unable to understand this decision, if not by tracing it back to the fact of having requested, on more than one occasion, greater dialogue and more involvement in the choices of a political force called, by vocation, to encourage participation and motivate members and supporters. “Instead, none of this”, remarked the dissidents, who became dissidents not on a whim, but rather to pursue that “always precluded” ambition.
The “red card”, in practice, would have been drawn to them a few months after the formation, within the civic assembly, of an autonomous group constituted by the three, not surprisingly called “Democracy and Participation”, ready, therefore, to break away from his Democratic Party classmates, but retain his membership card. «In a couple of years – the certainty mixed with irony – we will certainly still be part of the Democratic Party, while those who want us out will probably have given up». In short, Trecroci, Graziadio and Tinto are not on board, they contest the line adopted by the party, accusing it of being “not very inclined to conversation”.
And they remember the sparse meetings organized by the city club, the Assembly and the Management, “the latter concentrated more on trifles than on the real problems to be addressed”.