Cosenza, the Venice operation is underway


By John

The anticipated departure will allow the silanes to isolate themselves from the enthusiasm perceived in the city before the match against Venice. The team has reached Rome, making the trip to Veneto less difficult. Before training yesterday morning, at the press conference, Fabio Caserta reiterated some concepts already expressed in recent weeks: «After the good performance against Ascoli, I expect to see a match of the same level away too. Regardless of the outcome, what doesn’t have to change is the attitude. We have the ability to put in a good performance even against a tough opponent like Venice. We will have some numerical problems but the absences must not affect us. This Cosenza must not build alibis for himself ».

The Lagunari, like the Rossoblù, are among the teams that appeared in the best shape at their debut: «They have an undoubted advantage, which is to be restarted with the same coach with whom they finished last season. They have certainly changed something on a tactical level but the principles have remained unchanged. I think she is one of the best candidates for winning the championship and direct promotion. They have many weapons at their disposal, they are strong in all departments. They have no flaws. We have to be good and careful about limiting their capabilities. They are very fast and particularly dangerous on counterattacks, they attack space well. However, in these hours we will evaluate Andrea Meroni’s conditions, with Ascoli I preferred not to risk him and we are managing him but in these last training sessions we will evaluate if he can be in the match from the start. In any case, I have great faith in those who took the field with Ascoli. Viviani is fine but lacks a bit of match rhythm. A similar discourse is also valid for Sgarbi».

Martino and Cimino remain out: «Unfortunately they will be forced to miss some games. On Saturday it will be Andrea Rispoli’s turn, he is Martino’s natural replacement. In any case, it seems simplistic to use this term for an experienced footballer who has amassed more than 400 appearances between Serie A and B over the course of his career. Cimino has trained well in recent weeks, for me he can also play as a centre-back. I’m sorry to lose him for a while. However, we must be patient with young people and not load them with heavy responsibilities».


Yesterday, Cosenza also greeted Ciro Panico. The left-back born in 1999 moved to Taranto, in Serie C. Returning after the six-month loan to Feralpisalò, he immediately learned from sporting director Roberto Gemmi that he was not part of the club’s plans and in fact never joined the Silano group. In the past weeks, then, he has been very close to Audace Cerignola, a negotiation however jumped a few meters from the official closure. Now he will start again from Puglia: he is linked to Taranto with an annual contract. His Cosenza experience ends with eleven appearances to his credit. As far as the incoming market is concerned, however, the name of Vittorio Alberto Agostinelli has made a comeback. The attacking midfielder born in 2002 from Fiorentina, already on the banks of Crati in the second half of last season, should rejoin Cosenza again. The Neapolitan sports director has returned to intensify contacts with his agent. The foundations for the playmaker’s return to Sila’s shadow had already been laid at the beginning of July. Then, however, Gemmi gave priority to the needs present in the workforce. The finishing touches left, now the parties have returned to dialogue to put the agreement in black and white. One more option for Caserta in the last thirty meters of the field.