Cosenza, this is not a land for young people among “brains” fleeing to the North and NEETs


By John

The nightmare of federalism constantly refers to a scenario of solitude that ferments among the historical fragilities of a South of the South that never grows. This is said by the intertwined reports, all showing the same profile of depression that is pushing this land towards the abyss of a phase of structural stagnation which is no longer just economic but, above all, social. Daily difficulties bite into and bite off entire pieces of this province which has lost another 2,267 residents in the last year). For too many years, Cosentino has been losing its share of the future. His kids run away and those who remain give up studying and working. Pockets of NEET (acronym for “Not in Education, Employment or Training”) stagnate in every corner of cities and small villages, configuring an alarming overall regional figure, certified by Istat and reiterated by Eurostat. Calabria ended 2023 with an unencouraging second place in Italy with 27.2% of young NEETs between 15 and 19 years old (only Sicily did worse with 27.9%). The number of “green” employees has fallen below 50%. In the Cosentino area, in recent years, hopefully, even jobs have disappeared. The most acute point of the social and economic decline is represented precisely by the youth universe which has fewer and fewer employment opportunities. The unemployment rate estimated in these first months of 2024 floats around 12% while the number of jobless people has risen to eight thousand units. Eight thousand families without an income which adds up to those who have a job but are without protection. An illegal job, just to clarify and in Calabria, one worker in 5 is “invisible”. The Government, however, speaks of increasing opportunities and new hires.